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Roxbury Highland Bank
of Jamaica Plain

515 Centre Street
Jamaica Plain MA 02130

TEL (617) 524-6500
FAX (617) 524-8138

Statement of Purpose
The mission of the Roxbury Highland Charitable Foundation is to strengthen the communities of Jamaica Plain and Roxbury by broadening and enriching the cultural and educational opportunities and expanding the health services available to the residents. The Foundation seeks to fulfill its mission by making a limited number of grants each year to carefully selected new and ongoing programs serving children and youth, supporting education, promoting the arts, and enhancing community health care.

The principle source of funds for these grants will be regular donations from the Roxbury Highland Bank of Jamaica Plain, whose directors have established the Foundation. Since these funds will necessarily be limited, the Foundation will seek to support programs and organizations in the community where relatively small amounts will have a significant impact on people and institutions. These may include established programs of proven value and well planned new ventures of outstanding promise.

While the Foundation's Board of Directors will make final decisions regarding the recipients and sizes of grants, the Advisory Board, a diverse group of knowledgeable and respected citizens of Jamaica Plain and Roxbury, will consider all grant proposals and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Foundation's intention is to allocate its resources to purposes which reflect the diverse values, experiences, and needs of the people of the community.

Guidelines for Applicants
1. Letters of Application for Foundation grants may be submitted on or before October 15 each year. Grants for which applications are received by October 15 will be awarded, and successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified, by November 15.

2. All letters of application should contain the following information:

  • the purposes, objectives, and methodology of the program
  • the group(s) the program is intended to serve
  • the name(s), salary(ies) and professional background(s) of the person(s) who will
  • administer and conduct the program
  • the location(s) and facilities which will be used
  • the name, history, and tax-exempt status of the sponsoring organization
  • the specific purpose for which this grant will be used
  • plans and provisions for the program's continuation after the period for which this grant is awarded
  • means of ongoing evaluation of the program's effectiveness
  • percentages of the program's general budget used for administration and program operation, respectively.

3. In addition, letters of application for new programs should deal with the following topics:

  • the perceived community need which inspired the group or organization to initiate the program
  • specific plans for initiating the program and developing support and participation among its intended constituency
  • plans for evaluating the program's effectiveness
  • plans for continuing the program beyond its initial period if it proves effective

4. Letters should be addressed to:

    Chairman, Board of Directors
    Roxbury Highland Charitable Foundation

    c/o The Roxbury Highland Bank of Jamaica Plain
    515 Centre Street
    Jamaica Plain, MA 02130